Network Criteria

First of all i want to make a introduction that what the network is. A network is a combination of hardware and software that sends data from a location to an other. The hardware consists of the physical equipment that carries signals from one point in the network to another. The software consists of instructions that make the services that we expect from a network possible.
The network must be able to meet a number of criteria.Three most important are performance, reliability and sequrity


Performance can measured in many ways, including transit  time and response time.Transit time is the amount of time required for a message to travel from one device to another.Response time is elapsed time between an enquiry and a response.The performance of a network depends on a number of factor, including the number of users,the type of transmission medium, the capabilities of the connected hardware, and the efficiently of the software


In addition to accuarcy of delivery, network reliability is measured by frequency of failure, the time it takes to recover from a failure, and network’s robustness


Network security issues include protecting data from unauthorized access, damage and change, and implementing policies and procedures for recovery from breaches and data losses.We are going to discus later for advanced sequrity.

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