The Fourth Generation(1971-Now)

Large scale integrated (LSI) and very large scale integrated(VLSI)circuit were developed that contained hundreds of million of transistors on a tiny chip. In 1971 Ted Hoff of Inteil  developed the microprocessor, which packaged an entire CPU, complete with memory, logic, and control circuits on a single chip. The microprocessor and VLSI circuit technology caused a radical changes in computers, in their size, appearance, cost, availability and capability, and they started the process of miniautorization: the development of smaller and smaller computers. Also during this time, computer’s main memory capacity increased, and cost decreased, which directly affected the types and usefulness of software that could be used. Software applications like word processing, electronic, painting and drawing programs, desktop publishing, database management programs, painting and drawing programs and so forth became commercially available, giving more people reasons to use computer.

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