Conditional using Python

Hello to everyone here we have another lesion on Python. I’am today are going to talk about Conditional. So in Python we have three type of Conditional. The first is “if“, that is the first condition used on Python. For the rest of condition   “elif”   or “else” .

ans=input(Is your birthday? (y/n)”#The program is asking about your birthday 

if   ans==“y”# if is the first condition that we use on python! If the user input is y

             print(“Happy birthday!!” #the output is “Happy birthday!!”

elif ans==“n”#When the input is not predicted in  if ,we use elif (for another possible                 print(“When is your birthday?”)                                                                            input)

else:                         #We use else for including all other possible inputs

print(“Sorry i didn’t  get that!”)